The Actors’ Ensemble mission is to honor and celebrate the heart of the theatre experience, which is in the hands of the actor. Utilizing the acting method of Michael Chekhov, the Ensemble has created original work that has the actor at the center of the storytelling experience.  The Actors’ Ensemble is a nonprofit organization that seeks to create theater which is accessible and affordable to all members of the community.

Our mission is to show the world that the human heart still lives. What the human brain can say has already been said, written, and read. But the human heart has not yet been discovered.
— Michael Chkehov


The Actors’ Ensemble was founded in 1985 in New York City by a group of professional actors. Inspired by the acting techniques taught by the late actor Michael Chekhov, the Ensemble began working together with the mission of developing the art of the actor and creating theater ensemble. Since its founding, the Ensemble has created and performed theater productions across the US, in Europe and in Russia. The Ensemble also developed a two-year college level acting program through Sunbridge College, and most recently founded the Michael Chekhov School in Hudson NY, a school for professional actors.

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Michael Chekhov

Michael Chekhov, nephew of the playwright Anton Chekhov, was an actor, director, and teacher dedicated to making a bolder, more imaginative Theatre of the Future. He was dedicated to developing the craft of acting, and offered actors an approach to acting that revolutionized the craft. Through training the body and developing the imagination, the actor becomes the artist. With “creative individuality” at the heart of the work, using Chekhov’s Technique makes for a richer, more unique theatre experience.