Ripley’s Trip, Berlin, 2014


The Trip to Bountiful

With Fern Sloan, Bethany Caputo, Joey Sorge, Salome Krell, James Gavin, John McManus, Jonathan Hyland, Eddie Allen, and directed by Ted Pugh with Connie Rotunda as Assistant Director. Performed at PS21


Ionesco’s The Chairs

The Chairs performed at PS21 in Chatham NY in 2018, and was performed by Ted Pugh and Fern Sloan, with Ragnar Freidank directing.


Washington square

Actors’ Ensemble original adaptation from Henry James’ novel Washington Square, adapted and performed by Bethany Caputo, Ted Pugh, Fern Sloan, and Chris Smith.

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eugene’s ghosts

Eugene’s Ghosts was based on Eugene O’Neill’s The Long Day’s Journey Into Night, with Dale March, Seamus Maynard, Ted Pugh, and Fern Sloan, and directed by Ragnar Freidank

Painting Churches_2.jpg

Painting Churches

Written by Tina Howe, performed by Ted Pugh, Fern Sloan, and Sandra Struthers, and was a co-production with Walking the Dog, directed by David Anderson.


kasper hauser

An adaptation of Jacob Wasserman’s novel of the same title devised by The Actors' Ensemble and directed by Ted Pugh, with actors Dorothy Emmerson, Dale March, Seamus Maynard, Ted Pugh, Fern Sloan, and Glen Williamson.


The Ripley’s

The Actors’ Ensemble’s presentation of Hamlin Garland’s short stories Mrs. Riley’s Trip and Uncle Ethan Ripley, directed by Ted Pugh and Ragnar Freidank.


Exit the king

Written by Eugene Ionesco, performed by Julie Julie LeGal Brodeur, Ragnar Freidank, Laurie Portocarreo, Ted Pugh, and Fern Sloan, and directed by John McManus.


Bartleby, The Scrivener

An original play based on Herman Melville’s short story Bartleby, the Scrivener, written by Larry Lane, directed by Anne Gottlieb, and performed by David Anderson, Ragnar Freidank, Seamus Maynard, Ted Pugh, and Edgar Weinstock.



Co-production with Walking the Dog Theatre Company and performed by David Anderson, Lily Hoy, Ben Luxon, Ted Pugh, Fern Sloan, and Edgar Weinstock, and was directed by John McManus of Shakespeare Alive



By John Murrell, with Ted Pugh and Fern Sloan, directed by Lenard Petit

2018 The Chairs, by Ionesco

2015 Washington Square - Henry James

2013 Antigone by Jean Anouilh

2010 Painting Churches by Tina Howe

2009 Eugene’s Ghosts

2007 Hamlet

2006 Mary & Elizabeth, original piece with Fern Sloan & Jessica Cerullo

2004 The Actors’ Ensemble 4th Annual Summer Theatre Festival
For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again

2003 Waiting for Godot
The Actors’ Ensemble 3rd Annual Summer Theatre Festival
Bartleby - A Story of Wall Street

2002 Filumena
The Actors’ Ensemble Second Annual Summer Festival
Painting Churches

2001 I have never been here, original production
The Actors’ Ensemble First Annual Summer Festival
Uncle Ethan Ripley, original production

2000 Kaspar Hauser, original production based on book of___________
birger!, co-production with WerkBühne Berlin
Exit the King

1999 Mein geliebtes Du ( As Long As I Live), co-production with WerkBühneBerlin

1998 Smile at the Foot of the Ladder

1997 The Path of Return, by Thich Nhat Hanh

1995 Trojan Women

1994 The Hour Glass

1993 Dandelion Wine

1992 The Blind

1991 Spoon River Anthology

1989 Human Comedy

1988 Mrs. Ripley’s Trip, original production based on book by Hamlin Garland
The Raven – American Indian tale
Three Sillies – English fairy tale
Treasure Trove – Russian fairy tale

1987 Nobodaddy

1986 Gas

1985 Thornton Wilder 3 minute plays