It has been said that an Actor must have the hide of a rhinoceros, the courage and audacity of a lion, and most importantly, the fragile vulnerability of an egg.  It also has been said, and I’m not sure by whom, that the moment of not knowing is the moment that has the greatest potential for creativity.  The professional and private lives of most Actors are filled to the brim with moments of not knowing.  Actors are survivors and will continue to strive because they have the need to celebrate, in performance, that sacred communion between Actor and audience. 
— Robert Prosky

Since 1985, The Actors’ Ensemble has worked with the following artists:

David Anderson

Daisy Alden

Eddie Allen

Sheri Bauer-Mayorga

Benedicta Bertau

Julie Brodeur

Lilie Bytheway – Hoy

Bethany Caputo

Pier Carthew

Jessica Cerullo

Brigitte Choura

Suxanne Darley

Silke Drenseck

Jonathan Emerson

Dorothy Emerson

Scott Dielding

Ragnar Freidank


James Gavin

Anne Gottlieb

Charles Harper

Jonathan Hilton

Jonathan Hyland

Erika Johnson

Mark Krasnoff

Salome Krell

Dawn Langman

Aryeh Lappin

Jennie Lerner

Melania Levitsky

James Luse

Ben Luxon

Aaron March

Dale March

Seamus Maynard

John McManus

Claudia Meier

Daisy Noyes

Lenard Petit

Florence Phillips

Laurie Portocarrero

Ted Pugh

Chris Rath

Eric Reid

Sonia Resika

Vincent Ropolo

Eszter Rostas

Channah Seidenberg

Barbara Seibenthal

Fern Sloan

Chris Smith

Kate Somerville

Joey Sorge

Anna Speer

Konnelle Stone

Sandra Struthers

Jonathan Talbot

Alex Tandowsky

Diane Tatum

Alheidis von Bothmer

Elfin Vogel

Christiane Wachenier

Nate Weinberger

Edgar Weinstock

Peter Wiesner

Susan Willerman

Glen Williamson

Matthew Winston

Meaghan Witri